Frequently Asked Questions about CommunityViz Technical Support

  • When is my CommunityViz support renewal due?
    Support is usually purchased for 12 months at a time and comes up for renewal on the anniversary of your initial purchase. Long-term support contracts (more than 12 months) may have different terms and benefits.
  • Does support include upgrades?
    Yes. Customers whose support is up-to-date are eligible to receive maintenance, upgrades, and new versions (dot releases and full releases) for free. Shipping and handling fees may sometimes apply.
  • How often are upgrades released?
    While we cannot be certain of future releases, in the past we have generally released approximately one full release and several unnumbered upgrades each year since 2002.
  • How do CommunityViz, City Explained, Inc., Placeways, and Orton relate?
    The Orton Family Foundation started CommunityViz years ago but is no longer actively involved with the project. Placeways LLC spun off from the Foundation in 2005 and has been developing, selling, supporting, and consulting on CommunityViz until December 2016, when Placeways LLC was purchased by City Explained, Inc. The mission of CommunityViz remains much the same, and the City Explained, Inc. staff remain committed and passionate about producing outstanding software and providing world-class support.

  • I purchased CommunityViz - Self-Service and now I want to upgrade to a new version. What are my options?
    If you purchased your software within the past 90 days, you can add Technical Support now for the renewal price and get the newest version for free along with all the other benefits of support for one year. Alternatively, you can purchase a new Self-Service (software-only) version.

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